Scannable Fake ID

Why US?

  • Highest security level – highest anti-counterfeiting characteristics highly tamper-resistant and copy-proof cards
  • Fake identification detectability at first glance
  • Inexpensive, yet sophisticated
  • Strong authentication capability
  • Ultra-high durability
  • Large Quantities can be produced at high speed
  • Easily customized to suit customer needs
  • All materials involved are environmentally friendly
  • Additional sophisticated features, such as chips, bar-code or magnetic stripes can be implemented for lower cost than competitive cards

Does a Duplicate Cost Extra?
We provide a free duplicate for every ID.
How can I trust ID Boss?
We are a market leader in this niche. For more than seven years now, we have been making impeccable fake ids and delivering on all our promises. Our Proof page has all relevant guidelines you require to know if a provider is legitimate. You can also learn how we work with ultraviolet images and about our printing process. We provide video animated evidence of our facility in China.

All our samples carry the imprinted initials of ‘Idboss’ and ‘’, along with the signature. These are the marks of authenticity. Our company is not a reseller. Every order of our customers is dealt with directly without any intervention of a third party.

When will I receive the Fake ID?
We have multiple shipping options. If you choose our rush service, you can receive your fake id within three days. The id is printed within a day of your confirming the order and it is shipped in the following twenty four hours. Standard shipping shall deliver your id in ten to twelve days. All our domestic and international shipping are through USPS, DHL and FedEx.
How to Order a Fake ID?
Select the number of ids you want, check the pricing and choose a payment option. Submit the form, make the payment and we shall process the order immediately. Some payment options may delay the order processing, such as Money Gram, Western Union and Bitcoin.

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Is the Shipping Package Discreet?
We disguise every fake id. The packaging is discreet. The box is made to look like cosmetic products, gifts or jewelry, among other items that people routinely buy and get them delivered to a postbox or an address.
How much does a Fake ID Cost?
$60 is our base price for every fake id. The prices vary depending on the size of the order. Please check the Pricing page.
What are your payment option?
We accept Western Union, Money Gram, Bitcoin and Litecoin. We are unable to accept PayPal and other such gateways right now.
Are my ID Scannable, blend or pass the UV Test?
Our fake ids can be scanned. They pass the bending test. The premium quality elastic substance we use makes the fake ids as real as they can be. Every state id has a distinct material. We ensure the use of appropriate material for each state. There are codes that can be scanned. All our ids are examined using standard ultraviolet light to eliminate flaws, as compared to the real license.
What Details can I have on the Fake ID?
You can have the license number, issue date, expiry date and also your date of birth if you want.
What type of Photograph do you Need?
We accept all types of photographs, provided they are of reasonable quality. Please check out our Photo Guidelines.