1. How long does it take about my scannable card arrangement?

The process time limit, for reference only, NOT 100%

Free shipping: 5 days for production, and 2 weeks for delivery

Note: urgent order for priority processing, please contact us!

2. Can I edit my order after I submitted?

Can I edit my order after I submitted?

Sure, you can always make changes in the tracking system as long as you have not paid yet! After that, it’s finally, and you will not be reimbursed if you made a mistake.

3. What kind of photo should I upload?

We strongly recommend you use a digital camera against any color wall and make sure the flash is on. NO PASSPORT PHOTOS, they are not high quality, they are very small, and when you scan them they come out like crap. You are responsible for your own photo quality, we do not have time to tell 1000 customers per month to change their photos!

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