Why Fake ID with us?

We’ve been making high quality novelty fake IDs with the best materials for over 3 years! Never worry about losing money to another fake id site again!


To put it in easy words, we use specialized multi-layered card printing technology that was previously used by governments and the security printing industry. They may have moved to newer methods, but those who check the ID’s have no idea about the difference between the two so you’re safe as houses with us all the while having the best quality fake ID that money can buy!

Specialist Engraving Fake ID

The first layer is a transparent film that has been heat-hardened and has a very high resolution to display printed information boldly and crisply.

Gold Security Ink

The next layer contains a photosensitive security ink in various tones of gray that is only visible under proper lighting; thus giving away an even enhanced feel of genuinity.

Colour UV Imagery

As an added layer of security, a color UV image of your photo and details is copied on the next film so that your fake ID is not caught as a fake piece when passed through UV light scanning objects. Incorporating visual security gives more legitimacy to your ID

HD Holographic Plating

Depending on the type of ID, a customized hologram of the concerned department is embossed in the underlying layer.

Ghost Overprinting Fake ID

The quality used over here is the best of the best. High definition plastic is used here that contains an embedded image of yours along with high-quality prints of your information.

Ultra HD Base Printing

We make use of a base that has thousands of DPI’s in its print quality which enhance the visibility of the information in the above layers and bring more crispiness to them making it even harder for officials to distinguish it from the real stuff (provided if they even can).

``The time is always right to do what is right!``

Our latest Fake ID

State we sell: Arizona (AZ), Tennessee (TN), South Dakota (SD), South Carolina (SC), Rhode Island (RI), Pennsylvania (PA), Ohio (OH), New Jersey (NJ), Mississippi, (MS) Maryland (MD), Maine (ME), Illinois (IL), Florida (FL), Connecticut (CT), Wisconsin (WI), Idaho (ID).

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We at Fake Identification have always pushed ourselves and persevered to be where we are today and without any self-pride or boasting can we confidently say that we are the experts at this. Using all sorts of advanced techniques and bypasses, we have redefined fake ID’s.