California Fake ID


  • Proper UV Markings
  • Specialist Engraving California Fake ID
  • HD Holographic Plating
  • Ultra HD Base Printing
  • Colour UV Imagery
  • Gold Security Ink
  • Ghost Overprinting Fake ID
  • Current Color Shifting Hologram Laminate
  • Expert Photoshop Craftsmanship
  • Advanced Scannable Barcodes
  • Laser Drilled Perforations
  • Price: USD100.00/Per California Fake ID


ID Card Functions:

  • A signature on the back of the ID card.
  • Raised-Text printing.
  • Laser-perforation holes into the cardstock.
  • Micro-printed headers through the front.

Ultraviolet Elements:

  • The DOB in UV ink overlapping the primary photo.
  • A sail-boat in the lower bottom.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge and Coit Tower illuminate under blacklight.
  • A duplicate photo of the cardholder.

Does it Scan?

    • A magnetic stripe that contains the cardholder credentials.
    • 2D Barcodes encoded with scannable information.

Why do you need a Fake ID?

The one problem you’re probably gonna face in doing things you like is the age restriction for that particular activity. Say, for example, you love driving sports cars, but you don’t have one. You can, however, drive one by renting it. But you can’t. Why? Probably because you’re underage and don’t have a driving license. Being caught up in situations where you can’t do something just because of a valid ID is often frustrating. So is there a solution? Well, of course. It’s the 21st century and one of the biggest thrill of doing something rebel-like is to get a fake ID for yourself and you’ve landed just in the perfect place for the same!