California (CA) Driver License – Scannable Fake ID

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  • The signature of the cardholder is at the back.
  • The initials are printed using raised-text printing.
  • The cardstock has laser-perforated holes.
  • The front has micro-printed headers.


  • The main photo and the DOB are overlapping and the DOB is printed using UV ink.
  • At the bottom of the card, there is a sail-boat symbol.
  • The cardholder has a duplicate photo as well.
  • The symbol of the coit tower and the golden gate bridge is also there on the card which illuminates the application of light from the back.

  • It resembles real ID as it has the same grizzly bear of golden color at the upper right end of the card.
  • The card has an illustration of a minor that is in pale print.
  • To the card’s middle background there is the California state map’s illustration.
  • The state flower of California that is golden poppies is printed right under the signature of the cardholder.
  • A vibrant hologram of state’s emblem with OVI is at the center.
  • A holographic overlay of the state seal is also presented on the card.

  • It has a magnetic strip like the original card where all the details of the respective cardholder are stored.
  • All the scan able information is stored in the two-dimensional barcodes.

You can use this license in the drinking bars without facing penalties. The card is a replica of the real CA license.  There are 5 Reasons For Choosing California As The State For A Fake Id You will find no flaws in the card as it is inspected and tested before delivering. The card is tested by forensic experts. Even the bartenders and bouncers have also tested it and they found no flaws in the card. Each function of the card works wells as the card is prepared by the most skilled workers. We ship thousands of California fake IDs to different customers in discreet packages without letting the quality of cards down.

The famous state of the USA – California due to the free-minded locals and the liberal rights offered to them. The state is spread over a vast area that makes it a third-largest state of the USA. Forty million residents are currently residing in California. The capital is Sacramento. The most visited cities of the state are greater Los Angeles and San Francisco bay. Every year lots of tourists and immigrants come to visit these areas. The golden state of California is famous for Hollywood that is the American film industry.

Just like other states, California has also age restrictions on alcohol consumption where the minimum age limit is 21. A minor can consume alcohol in the presence of a parent or spouse at a private location. However, entrance to the bars, nightclubs, and restaurants serving alcohol is banned. Bouncers and security staff check IDs and allow only those above 21.

So, if you want to freely enjoy the parties at nightclubs must take IDs. Those who are below 21 can use fake IDs created by us. Place your order now and get the ID that is so real that even bartenders and security officials will not find the difference.

Know About the Use of Fake IDs in California

Fake IDs are determined to the duplicate card which defines all the features of the government-issued identifications. There are people in the United States that are using fake identifications for different purposes. California is one of the states that are having strict laws for taking part in certain recreational activities. The place is well known for the night clubs and bar parties that the people and adults enjoy. Though there are age restrictions for that, the people are making use of the fake IDs that they are making. California is having vast coastal areas catchy to the people.

Moreover, on the weekends the city is having a fascinating atmosphere. This is because families and friends gather to spend a good time together. There are teenagers who have seen making videos and clicking photos. But there are some states that are not having the legal law of drinking. You must fulfil all the requirements of the age limit that you have to cross. California is having laws for drinking and smoking. The people who are below the age of 18 years can’t take alcohol. But when they take a step from the 18 years of age, they become eligible for having liquor and alcohol.

Fake ID Laws in California?

It will drop you in serious trouble when you are having fake identifications for various purposes. However, in California, there are laws for underage drinking. It is not easy to have liquor and cigarettes in the city. There are many fines that you have to give when you are caught using fake IDs. The person using fake identification for their recreational purposes, will prison almost for 1 years. So, it is worth taking the risk in the United States where the laws are very strictly followed. On the other hand, there is every person among the whole crowd that is having the fake IDs that they use.

Furthermore, there are ways through which you can be protected from this. You just have to remember some things while you are appearing in front of the security check. People are widely using fake identifications for the drinking and intake of alcohol. Not only this, but people are also using fake IDs for various other purposes. Some are using fake identification for starting up a business entity. But in California, there are several people who have build up the business on the basis of a fake ID. However, when they are caught they are given strict punishment. Under the law of California, all the business must start with the government-issued business identification cards.

This California Fake ID courtesy of the ID Boss is equipped with all the features needed to pass cursory glances and intense scrutiny. Every detail has been considered and included in this ID, making it completely identical to the legitimate version.

There aren’t really any disadvantages to having this card. You simply have to be careful how you use it as it is not a legitimate ID. There is no denying that this is one of the best fake IDs on the market. There is so much attention to detail and the craftsmanship is unmatched.

Fake ID Review

Even when holding this ID in your hand, it is impossible to tell that it is a fake. All the required informational fields are included and have been positioned precisely. It gets even better, though, as even under UV light, the ID will look real.

All the crucial images such as a secondary owner’s photo, date of birth, sailboat, Golden State Bridge, and the Coit Tower will show up under black light. Even more impressive is the fact that the ID is scannable, making it look exactly like the real thing.

Best Fake ID

John Ruben
  • Question 1:

    Is it a good idea to get a 021 CA as an 18 year old in a CA college town

    as I have heard people are suspicious of out of state IDs?
    Question 2:

    Should I put a completely fake info or maintain my original info

    Question 3:

    Should I get the old CA or I should get the new one.

    idboss is more instate passable but when will I get a new one as I would like to be good till I am 21

    • 1.Honestly, I would advise you to avoid instate IDs even if they can be more suspicious as people do not know the difference between an ID from California and one from Colorado. I would however advise that you do not use a fake ID in the college environment as it would be very easy to know a fake ID due to the fact that there is a lot of legit IDs on campus.

      Using your original name depends solely on you but as for me, I use pseudonyms even if the severity of the crime when caught under some cases can be at a high side. It is good to note that the severity of crime or punishment relating to felony or misdemeanour depends on the state you are and their law court. For example, in some states, having your actual name but with a fraudulent address can be connected to identity fraud and also, felony. This may not apply in other states.

      The likelihood of the Police getting involved in issues of felony and misdemeanour is actually very slim that is, it is near 0% Often times, when caught with a fake ID, you can be asked to leave the bar or club and refusal to leave may lead to involvement of the Police.

      2.It is popular around here to not accept out of state IDs at clubs whether they are real or fake. They are most commonly acceptable in convenience stores alone but there is no use in getting IDs that cannot be used in various places in College. I will do my findings when I get to school though and get to know better.

      3.Thank you for explaining this whole process in detail. Do send me a private message for a discount.

      4.I would advise you use a idboss and also, put your real name on it. You can face a felony charge if you are caught with an ID with a fake name.

      5.I heard from a friend that you can get charged with identity theft if you are caught with a fake ID but I did not believe that. Thanks for the advice! I know better now

      6.Due to the fact that a bar can trace my ID back to me as I have a super identifiable name and I am the only one who bears it, I want to ask; Is it possible for me to be traced? I am pretty nervous.

      7.You should note that no one bothers to follow up on taken IDs 90% of the time. Most bars don’t turn in taken IDs to the Police and even if they do, the Police would most probably not follow the case up because an ID with your photograph and name does not mean you purchased it or you used it. At worst, you can get a letter from the Police.

      8.The fact that the word ‘California’ at the top left of the Idboss 021 is too low and close to the blue line is very conspicuous to me. I don’t know if I am being picky but that is just how I feel.

  • iss date for fake id

    Does it make sense to put my 21st birthday as the issue date on my recently ordered MI ID? The website I registered on recommended a week after my birthday as the issue date but it was not so reasonable to me. I also want to ask if it is a red flag for the expiration date of my recently gotten Dove TN to be a week after my birthday. DOB: 6-12-95, EXP: 6-17-2

    • Bouncers would rarely resort to checking issue dates for authenticity of IDs, so the issue date does not matter except it was gotten in the wrong year on a public holiday.

    • It is a common event to see get the issue date after your 21st birthday. You can go to the dmv to get your ID on your 21st birthday but I doubt if that is something you would want to do on your 21st birthday.

  • box scanner

    Often times, people complain about how difficult it is to pass a box scanner. Makes me wonder if the only things that are checked is not just the barcode or the magstripe. If there is more to be checked, what are they?

    • To pass a box scanner, you would need a proper link, a proper lamination, the right template, barcodes, and strips. The proper link and the laminates are analysed by using an array of lights, bouncing of the lights means the link and laminates are proper. The template is checked against the original in the machine, and the barcodes and strips are observed to check if they scan or swipe like the original. It should be noted that adjustment of settings to a lower security can let some IDs pass. This is a general description of what a box scanner checks for.

    • The following are also checked according to IdentiFake: Magstripe information, Infrared images, Ultraviolet images, 1D barcode, 2D barcode, Optical character recognition, Captures Front and back ID images, Security Pattern detection, Microprint-Fine printing visible at 10x magnification, Holograms.

    • To know if the ID is real or fake, the box scanner scans the colours and probably the material of the IDs, ignoring the barcode or magstripe.

    • So, the case is not that box scanner is hard, it is just that most bars with box scanners do not check the barcode and magstripe. So instead, we would invest our efforts in improving other properties of IDs that bars are liable to check using the box scanners.

    • Don’t try using a fake ID with a box scanner as it would fail the box scanner test. Due to the low use of box scanners in stores, clubs and bars, vendors have no reason to spend a bulk load of money on IDs that would able to pass through the box scanner.

  • Most ideal ID to use in CA

    I want to know the most ideal ID for use in Los Angeles. I would love for domestic vendors to make suggestions too

        • Due to the fact that Los Angeles seems to be a tourist centre or area, any state ID would do just fine there. There are diverse IDs in the state.

    • Perhaps you are going to high places such as SoCal in Los Angeles, I would advise you use high grade IDs. Pay the extra dollar for a more quality ID like AZ/TX. I use IDs as such myself at SoCal.

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