7 reasons why bar faces revoke of license

To get a bar license is an uphill task for a business. It is a precious permit that allows you to serve liquor legally. It becomes even harder to get it due to corruption we often observe in the departments. It is a cumbersome and tedious process that takes its due amount of money, time and energy. But getting the license is not the end of the game. After this as well you need to follow the written rules and regulations while running your business.

Failing to abide by any of the rules can attract a penalty or even more stringent action towards your business. That is why many people prefer legal advice while getting such a license and to understand the scope of it. It is important to make sure that you work within the limits of rules. In this article we are going to mention the reason which you should be wary of, that can attract the revoke of your license.

Serving to minors

It is illegal to serve any alcoholic drink to a minor. If you do not want to be behind the bars then do not do it. To keep a check on it you should check an authorized id card before serving liquor to a youth. Commonly, only 21 years or older people can buy or alcohol, so on similar terms, you have to sell only to someone who has the authority to buy. Even if you make sure that you keep all the checks intact but there can be many situations that you need to deal with care. 

  • Even if bartender does it

You should keep in mind even the mistakes or willful act of your bartender will also come on you as per law. Even if the bartender serves alcohol to a minor mistakenly then also you will have to face penalty or revoke of license.

  • What if a minor has produces a fake ID card

In such a scenario, you would need a bartender who is smart and educated enough to identify the flaw. And deny serving alcohol to a minor candidate. Hence it is necessary to make them aware of handling such situations.

  • If a kid comes with an adult customer

Even in a case wherein, a kid has come to visit your bar with an adult you cannot serve alcohol to him. If his family is ready to take care of him then also you should avoid serving alcohol to him.

Over serving to a drunk man

If you continue to serve an already drunk person to swallow the bill, then it is unlawful as per rules. If an inebriated man keeps consuming alcohol then it can be harmful. Severe intoxication can result in an accident, personal injury, organ failure and even worse. In such a scenario your bar, bartender or even you personally would be found liable for it. It would further result in losing a bar license. Therefore, ensure that any of your tenders do not serve alcohol to anyone who is already drunk. An apt way to keep a check on it is to send bartender for training. They will get to learn the trade there in the training and, after that they will be able to perform better for you in every aspect of the allotted work. Even if you are unable to identify a person who you should refuse to serve, then find below some of the attributes of such a person.

  • If someone is suffering from slur speech
  • In case he is unable to understand what to do and looks indecisive
  • Hyper delay in reflexes
  • If you have noticed irregular breathing

Disorderly Conduct

You need to make sure that you only organize permissible business at a commercial place. If your bar gets to indulge in unlawful gambling, loud music creating noise pollution, violence or people drinking in public area then be ready for the consequences. In such a situation authorities will take action against your bar, not against any individual who created the nuisance. Hence it will be you in trouble, not the customer. Therefore it becomes imperative to maintain good conduct for a business and control your customers as well. If you find that a customer is getting anguish then there are few tips that you can employ. 

  • Invite that customer to a lonely place, away from other guests
  • Stay calm, peaceful and helpful to him
  • Be attentive to his grievance and try to solve it in gentlemen manner

Selling at Unauthorized Times

You get this license to sell liquor at your bar or in your wine shop. As per the regulation in any area, there is a pre-decided opening time and there is a closing time as well. For example, if the cut off time is 11 PM in the night and police find you selling liquor at 11:30 then it would become illegal. It is not permissible to serve liquor after the closing time. If you fail to abide by this schedule then it can cause revoke of your license. You should make sure that you are familiar with time schedules and workable hours to defy any chances of a penalty and revoke. Abiding the rules properly can be a difference between holding a license for long or to lose it. 

Drinking In Unlicensed Areas

Authorities prohibit consumption of alcohol in public utility areas. Public areas can be community washrooms, food preparation areas in hotels or food courts, storage areas, and stairs in a public mart or any public area. Consuming alcohol at such places is an offense but it does not mean that it would only affect the individual who does it. It affects you as well. Let’s day in a shopping mall you have your bar. If a customer consumes alcohol in a public setting after purchasing from you then also it would attract trouble for you. That is why it becomes increasingly important to make your customers aware of the places where they can enjoy their drinks. Telling a customer who has just arrived at your place can sound offensive and you want to avoid this anyway. Therefore what you can do is you can do by posting signage mentioning the message you want to convey. This method would avoid direct interaction with the prospective customer and it would feel offensive.

Untrained Service Staff

It is one of the biggest challenges that every bar owner faces. You have received a bar license after putting your heart and soul in that. You do not want to risk it due to mistakes committed by your bartenders. This leads to a big and relevant question. How to train your bartenders? Or how to get a bartending licenses for your bartenders? To tackle this situation appropriately we advise you to get a bartending certification for all your tenders. This is going to be an added cost but it is going to be very convenient for you in the future. Even you can make it mandatory while recruiting tenders to have a certification in place first. With proper training, they will be able to serve customers better. They would become capable enough to resolve daily issues themselves. They will become smart enough to tackle a dispute situation without creating any fuss. And if you do not go for certifications for your tender then they may be many situations wherein you would need to intervene. If you want these awkward situations that can revoke your license do not bother you regularly then we recommend you to get your tenders certified.

Staff drinking while on duty

Although it is the decision of the management it is not permissible as per law. Even in many places, it is a criminal offense to serve alcohol while you are intoxicated. This can result in a revoke of your bar license. There are many other reasons why you should not allow your staff on duty to drink.

  • It becomes a liability

If you allow your staff to drink while serving liquor then they will become liable to more mistakes and inappropriate behavior. In a risky business like to run a bar wherein you also have the responsibility to control your customers, how can you drink? It will be irresponsible behavior.

  • It will cost you a lot

In a bar, you put a high premium on the drinks and food you serve. If you allow your staff to drink from your inventory without charging anything, while on duty then it will dilute your inventory in no time. You just imagine how you would earn your profit in such a situation. Apart from that, it would be a breach of professionalism on your part.

However, getting a bar license is not uncommon these days but it is something valuable. You get it after facing many troubles may it be administrative or legal. Therefore you only understand its true worth. More than anything it is bread and butter for all the people involved in running your business. So, you would never want to lose it due to unlawful or silly reasons. To make sure you can avoid above mentioned unethical practices and can enjoy running your business fairly and smoothly.