Reasons Why The Student Community Is The Biggest Buyer Of The Fake Id In Us

The usage of fake IDs in the US is growing these days and almost all groups of people, whether it be teenagers, oligarchs, adults, or women, are making use of it. Therefore, it is clear that the student community is also using it.

But what is the reason due to which this adolescent aged group is purchasing fake IDs? Do they need it to undergo any activity that is not allowed for their age group? There can be numerous reasons to use a fake id.

Another important thing to consider is the consequence of this growing identity forfeiting and the way it affects the lives of the students. These infographics are necessary in order to find out the reason behind the growing rate of usage of fake ids. Facts verse coming at you in 3… 2… 1…

From where do the students get the fake ids?

Fake ids are confused with a “VIP pass” that allows you to bypass several restrictions that are imposed on you by the various authorities. With a fake id, you throw these restrictions and rules in a trash can and can do them with ease.

The prominent reason for students to get fake id is to consume alcohol which is obviously allowed only to adults aged 21 years.

However, the growing rate of modernization and the entertainment industry that makes the consumption of alcohol and drugs as a cool thing has made teenagers of age ranging between 16-20 years to start consuming alcohol and other drugs as well. With this, all the restrictions imposed by the authorities to safeguard these children from getting spoiled go in vain.

Moreover, the black market acts as a buttress to get a fake ID at a very cheap rate.

But that’s not the only reason due to which it becomes popular to have a fake ID. The growing digitalization has made the business of fake id sellers to occupy a space on the internet as well. They have literally made e-Commerce websites for serving the purpose of providing a fake id with the eased of the comfort of your home. What else can be the reason for their growth?

Not to mention but the major supplier of these fake ID’s belong to china and that is why the quality of the fake id is very high and it just resembles the original one. We can say that it is nearly identical. That is why it is extremely hard to determine if an ID is fake or real by the authorities due to which the students take advantage of this and use it for malpractices such as purchasing alcohol.

Not only this but even if a student does not purchase a fake id and knows the consequences of buying one, he can borrow an id from an elder friend of him and can purchase alcohol with the help of it. Al he has to do is mug up the information which is stated on the ID card and then he is good to go.

He can enter ay bar, any alcohol selling store, and any adult place by just speaking up the details like a part when asked for verification.

Moreover, the problem becomes even worse when two people of similar faces get involved in this. They can even use the ID of someone who is but resembles them by face. Things can go even worse. But a thing of relief is that businesses have come up with solutions to identify if an ID is a legit one or a mere illegal “VIP pass”.

The merits and demerits of a fake if for students

As mentioned earlier, the major demerit of a fake id is that it allows the students to drink at an early age which can cause a lot of health problems and can even harm their liver with chronic diseases like liver cancer. This will not affect the consumer but also his family.

This can even be leveraged to conditions such as depression, academic underachievement, introvert behavior, addiction, and lack of confidence, unhealthy cognitive development, memory loss, and various other problems.

Not only this affects the students but also the businesses that sell these alcoholic drinks. Their licenses can be suspended if it gets revealed that they have given the liquor to a minor. Even if they didn’t know about it. This can create a high impact on the market and can be a resultant for huge losses in these businesses.

There is not even a single positive outcome of using a fake id since it all ends up with a negative aspect. Therefore, it is advised not to use such ids.

How do students get indulged in drinking alcohol?

The main reason for the students to get attracted to the alcoholism is the entertainment industry that makes nit look very cool and highly attractive. Who doesn’t love attention? By following those celebrities, they get involved in the activity of drinking alcohol and end up harming their body completely.

Another reason for this is the peer pressure that makes the students to drink alcohol is the peer pressure. They see other popular students drinking alcohol and getting praised by the other students for this and start drinking themselves.

One more major factor that makes students drink alcohol is the amount of stress that they deal with. In a competitive world like this, the students are forced to do everything more than their limits. Due to this, they get outdated with the world and when they are unable to achieve something at such a young age, it creates a massive impact on their lives. Due to this, they get immense depression and the only way to overcome it is by consuming alcohol for them.

This fact can be proved by a study that was conducted by an organization name NIH (national institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism) that stated that the number of deaths due to premature alcohol consumption is growing constantly and is expected to increase as well.


By keeping the above facts in mind, it is proved that the fake ids are as harmful for students that use it for drinking purposes as it is used by the con artists for identity theft and by terrorists to purchase weapons.

Hence, not only the teenagers but fake ids are also used by criminals and terrorists that get the id’s from hippies by killing them and then using their id’s for malicious and criminal intents.

And as we’ve seen the demerits of having a fake id, it issued for a basic crime of buying alcohol at a young age. This problem can be prevented with ease by providing a proper education to the children in schools, colleges, or universities. By this, they will not only safeguard their future but will also prevent being a part of such a criminal organization.

At last, it is advised that as a student you should never get involved in the activity of buying a fake if for intent like buying alcohol. This will not only harm you but will also make a bad impact on your family as well. Therefore, stay away from it and instead report such acts to the right authorities and get them caught to make the society safer.