IDBoss.ph legit scannable novelty card have been 7 year history ago. Having a professional crafted card is an indispensable growth experience for everyone in the process of growing up.

As a quite professional card supplier, or operation team uses advanced equipment to provide the best scannable states cards.

Our operation team is the most professional team in this industry. We have specializes in real cards source, specializing in mould create, specializing in technology, specializing in production, specializing in packaging and shipping, and specializing in customer service. That make our card keep up with the latest version of the product.

Our mission is to be able to buy scannable card with a reasonable price for each client. Let our future generations enjoy a better experience in card making.

We Are Providing:
24/7 online customer service, the fastest answer to your any scannable ID cards questions.
100% scannable, blend, UV, hologram, micro-text etc.
Advance production and testing equipment,match your own State testing.
Keeping update in each time of change from State with professional industrial printing and efficient operation team.
Real and quick delivery, secrect and safety package.
We are also welcome to all kind of cooperation. You can find us from our online customer service (E-mail:[email protected]).
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