What states do we sell Fake ID to?

Idboss has development a highly precise selective metalization technology which enables the creation of a personalized hologram for each fake identity card in seconds, A personalized hologram may contain.

Ordering an out of state Fake Id?

Well, the state for your id depends majorly on several factors. These factors determine the appropriate state that you should choose for your fake id.

  • Which States are least security license issued IDs with no star
  • What are bouncers concerned using a loupe and an UV light
  • The place where you want to use the Id
  • Why you even need an Id

Hence, These things are must check

  • Identify which state has the maximum percent of transition.
  • Decide whether you need an in-state id or an out-state id.
  • Make sure to check the confiscation ratio as well.
  • Don’t forget to read the reviews.
  • Price is also dominant.

Here’s a reference that will help you choose the best state. 

Don’t USE Fake Name for Your ID Card

It is not advised to use a fake name for your fake id since this can become the major cause of the issues. Moreover, the issues can be further levied to charges for impersonating someone’s identity.

  • Identity theft: This clearly imposes a fine of around 500$’
  • Moral corruption: you will never be able to provide a service that requires an fake identity card
  • A mugshot will be circulated by the statesmen.
  • A mugshot will be circulated by newspapers.
  • A mugshot will be circulated by the police.
  • Even if you impersonate someone from your own family, it is still considered as a criminal offense.

To avoid such consequences, refer to this guide.

How to order fake id?

It is indeed an easy task to order a fake id but there are still some things that a buyer has to consider before he can order his own fake id. With that in mind, we have wrote this step by step guide to teach you the various steps that are required for ordering a fake id. The steps are discussed in detail here.

If you are ordering a fake id for the first time then this guide will surely prove to be extremely useful for you. Let us now move directly to the required steps:

  • Step 1: the very first thing that you are required to do is click on the button that says “add new” this will get you started with the ordering process.
  • Step 2: the next thing that you are required to do is select the state and enter the details of your id in the input fields provided. Make sure that you use real details only.
  • Step 3: then you are required to click on the button that says “select files” and then select your portraits as well as signatures to get them uploaded on the site.
  • Step 4: Then you are required to provide the address at which you want your fake id to be shipped. After that, you are allowed to submit the order.
  • Step 5: This is the last step and the only obstacle between you and your fake id. You can choose to pay with various payment methods such as western union, cryptocurrency, and e-wallets.

These were the steps that you are required to follow for successfully ordering your fake id.


That was all about fake ids, choosing a name and state for fake id, and the method of ordering it. We hope you find this guide very useful. That’s all we have for today.

Where is the fake identity vendor manufacturing-based?

The manufacturing of fake ids in America, Europe, or Canada is surely prohibited. How such companies are able to provide counterfeit documents then? How they produce and distribute them in a country that has several strict laws for counterfeiting? Basically, what they do is provide novelty ids. These kinds of ids are legal in terms of laws. However, the site will always state that they are selling fake ids. But the thing that you will receive is a novelty id which is practically useless.

Here are a few things to consider regarding the identity manufacturing:

  • The genuine and legit id manufacturers will always manufacture their products out of China and Asia.
  • The necessary equipment such as printers and ink is manufactured in the same place where ids are made. This makes it a cakewalk to make fake ids that look like original.
  • The manufactured ids are not fake ids but novelty ids. They have no practical usage.

Here’s a reference that will help you How to get a Fake ID Online

Are Fake ID Scannable?

However, if you need a fake id card then take the help of our skilled team. Our fake ID cards are of high quality that contains all necessary features. Holograms, magnetic strips, barcodes, and more security features are included in our fake ID cards. They look real that neither you nor officials will distinguish the real and fake cards. Everything from the template and photo looks real. Watermarks, special paper, fluorescent dyes, latent image, laser perforation, color-changing ink, microprinting, and more are features of our product.

It has all the essential features that make your cards look real so that you can enter any of the nightclubs of the state. Bouncers and bartenders will not be able to recognize your fake identity card. Moreover, the cards are scannable that make you use them anywhere in the state. So, now you can enjoy life-like adults without worrying about passing the security officials at the club

Why Fake ID?

Bars and nightclubs in America have become much better at spotting fake IDs that teens show up with. Inkjet printing and terrible graphic design are usually giveaways. Idboss offers highly professional disposable ID cards that closely match the real deal. Idboss Has Developed a Uniqued Revolutionary Technology for Producing High Tamper-Resistant and Copy-Proof Fake Identification Cards.

Idboss ID Card has a solid data base which enables us to furnish the authorities with pictures and/or any information provided by the bearer of the card, if there is any suspicion that any of our users has violated the law; Allowing in this way the acceptability of the fake ID cards by 3rd parties; Authorities, Banks and Financial Institutions.

9 thoughts on “Scannable Fake ID

  1. Is the fake id bend test legitimate?

    The second time I tried getting into a bar with my just-gotten FYD Vermont and I was denied access to the bar as the bouncer bent my ID to a 30 degree angle and denied me access. Now, I feel that the ID I useless as a nasty crease was left on it after it was bent. Do you think I can use this ID again?

  2. For some states, the bend test is a legitimate test to check for the realness of an ID. It all depends on the state you are. In these states, a real ID should be able to bend without issue as fake IDs are usually not heat-sealed during the process of lamination. Even with the fact that bend test is a legitimate test, some real IDs will fail this test. Examples of such IDs are NNY and nPA which will crease when bent.

  3. With the bend test, legitimate IDs can be creased when bent, hence making the test unsuitable in most cases. Other physical tests such as the color, error in grammar, people not knowing their zip and mismatch in signature can be carried out on the IDs to check for legitimacy. There are IDs that are bendable and legitimacy test can be carried out on them. For instance, the MI IDs which are bendable will not crease at 30 degree but would crease at 45 degrees.
    Due to the fact that actual IDs can handle bending, it would be safe for you to just buy a new ID and avoid going to that bar.

  4. To hide the crease caused by the bend, you can bend it in the opposite direction of which it was formerly bent and then put it beneath a few heavy textbooks for a few days. You can continue to use it after performing this process.

  5. My fake ID didn’t scan at Cumberland farms
    While trying to buy pods at Cumberland, the lady attending to me scanned the card and it did not work. The machine displayed ‘expired’ I tried the barcode reading software method provided by Inlite, read through the lines of codes and everything seemed just fine apart from the line that read ‘

  6. This is quite unusual because I use a card from same vendor and it works just fine ingas stations. The problem might just be from Cumberland’s end

  7. The customer care at IdViking believes the problem is from Cumberland’s software as it is impossible for all the rights codes to be there and still scan as expired.

  8. Messed up Cumberland
    The problem was definitely from the Cumberland scanner. The expiry date was coded properly and that explains its failing on just one scanner because if the expiry date wasn’t coded properly, it would fail on every scanner. So the issue is definitely from Cumberland scanner.

  9. I bet the problem is from Cumberland’s scanner. Some stores have messed up scanners or software.

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