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Many fake id card websites make a lot of interesting claims about their products, however we prefer to let our track record speak for itself. In the last 9 years of trading, our customer base has grown dramatically, with many fake id customers referring their friends to our site, proof positive, if it were needed, that our fake id cards are simply the best available anywhere today. Our card designs are created from first principles to make sure that you get the best results from them in any situation, and so far our fake cards have hit the target every time. All our cards are designed by professional designers, based in France, with significant backgrounds in the design, construction, printing and production of secure identification documents


Because we have been in business for so long, we have refined the production process for our cards, giving superior results so obviously lacking in competitors products. All orders are processed on the day when they are received at our office. Each form is validated, data is entered into our secure and confidential temporary database. Your photo and signature are then scanned to high resolution files and linked to your record in the database. These images are then touched up and setup for printing by Photoshop professionals. Using a process unique to fluxcard, we can make your signature transparent and float it over your photograph, offering a security feature common to passports and driving licences When we dispatch your order, your card is matched with it’s carrier, which is a plain white DL envelope with a return address. If your card is undelivered, it is simply returned with no need for anyone to look inside it. The carrier is 250gsm cardboard which prevents anyone guessing at the contents of the card. Every envelope is sealed with tape to prevent tampering.

IdBoss cards have it all, superior card designs, excellent card production principles, but to top it all we have the best range of security features to give our fake id cards that extra advantage. Among our card range you can find the following high value security features Embedded Smart Chips (Siemens SLE4443) Working, encoded magnetic stripes Drape-relief printing Void Pantograph anti-copy features Custom holographic overlays. Most fake id companies offer holographic overlays, however these are usually generic ones available to anyone off the street. This has severely decreased the value of using such overlays, so much so that they may sometimes even point a card out as fake. Go with the company who has invested the most time into research and design of their fake id cards, sourcing quality and unique holographics, you won’t be disappointed.


Another area where IdBoss comes first is the low prices we offer on bulk discounts, so you can make some money for yourself when getting a big order of cards together. Get all your friends together and make the cost go as low as £6 per card on large orders. No other site comes any closer, and anyway, if anyone is selling cards cheaper than this they’re probably printing them on beermats!.

History of Fake ID on the net

The advent of the Internet and more importantly the Web have led to a proliferation of fake ID sites, with a corresponding drop in quality. The story of fake ID on the web begins with trading of templates and simple advertisment of land-based fake id sellers through news groups. Fake ID sites started appearing on the internet in the mid 1990’s, with illegal fake ID being offered in return for payment. Numerous scammers entered the market, with the sole intention of ripping off fake id customers, for who can you complain to if you have entered into an illegal transaction? US scammers have operated in this way for years. Check fakeidman for more information on this sort of scam. Around 1997-98, US fake id websites such as Sadbros, now SecretKnowledge, and Marville Direct, and of course Belvine, the originator of it all, started trading fake id cards on the internet. US sites are traditionally legitimate, however there have been several scammers operating out of the US for the last few years. 2000 saw a growth in the number of fake ID sites on the net, with a lot of US scammers, US legit sites and US legit sites coming on line. In 2005 the number of US fake id sellers is estimated to be at around 30, not counting duplicate/mirror sites and dubious review sites.

Fake ID Ship FAQ

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How do you Trust us with out money?
A: The Fake ID market is plagued by fraudulent websites claiming to send you an ID card that will do wonders. With the closure of “r/fakeid” channel of Reddit, most companies operating within the “US” shutdown promptly. Without reading unbiased reviews, it is not so easy to trust any website in the forgeries industry. We ask you to order from us because we have been serving products of this niche for over seven years.

To know whether an ID provider is legitimate or scam; you must follow these simple Guidelines as mentioned on our “PROOF” page.  In this pages; we provide ultraviolet images of our IDs and, printing process that each ID goes through. We also provide “VIDEO ANIMATED” evidence of our printing equipment in China.

Our samples are printed with initials “Idboss” and, “” followed by the signature in the same manner which means that we REALLY make these. We are not a Reseller or a third-party that makes inferior products for a simple profit. Our setup expands throughout four provinces in the Chinese counterfeit industry. We have been dubbed as the real “FAKE ID GOD” or “KING OF FAKES” by many customers. You can also check our reviews on different Fake ID blogs that are run by the same moderators that were running the /r/fakeid channel on Reddit couple of years ago.REALLY make these. We are not a Reseller or a third-party that makes inferior products for a simple profit. Our setup expands throughout four provinces in the Chinese counterfeit industry. We have been dubbed as the real “FAKE ID GOD” or “KING OF FAKES” by many customers. You can also check our reviews on different Fake ID blogs that are run by the same moderators that were running the /r/fakeid channel on Reddit couple of years ago.

What Is Your Pricing Structure?
Our pricing is same for all states. We have $60 as the base price for each ID. However, we have slashed the price for group discounts. You can check our “PRICING PAGE” for the pricing.
How can I Pay for My ID? What Your Payment Option?
According to the nature of our business, we only accept MG WU Bitcoin and Litecoin crypto currencies. We can’t use the more popular methodssuch as Paypal.
Will my ID Scan, blend or pass the UV Test?
Yes, our products have been popular for passing the bending test. Reason being; we use elastic substances to print your products on. Our material is of “PREMIUM QUALITY” and, we directly buy from a source which provides different levels of substances for each state ID. Hence, we do not use the substance of printing of one state for another.

The Scannable codes are tested with Applications like ScannR, and PDF-417. We use standard ultraviolet light source to examine the features of your ID and, at the same time compare these to the actual counterpart of your license that is issued by the DMV. If there are any flaws or differences then, they are removed.

The unique tests such a drop-test where you have to make the ID card sound like a solid object are completely rectified by our staff. Our professional effort is bestowed upon our IDs and, that is why our products are a complete perfection.

How long does it take to get my ID with shipping after I place my order?
Rush Service: This provides you an opportunity to avail your ID in a matter of 2 to 3 days. Once you place your order with this service; we print these in a day and then ship them next day using the “DHL Express Service” but, this will cost you additional 50 USD for your total price. So, you may add this 50$ to your total if you want your ID or multiple IDs shipped to an address with priority shipping service.

Standard Shipping Service: We do not charge anything for this service. It takes 3 to 4 days for your ID to be printed and go through the rest of the processes. It takes 5-6 additional days for it to arrive to your location. We use the “USPS” Shipping service for this.

In short, we use “FedEx, DHL, and USPS” for your domestic and international shipping. The “RUSH SHIPPING” orders will arrive to your desired location within a time period of 3 to 4 days but you have to pay 50$ extra for it.

However, if you ordered with “STANDARD SHIPPING” then, you will get your ID within the next 10-12 business days from the date of your form submission.

What kind of photo do you accpet for my order?
We can accept any kind of Photo as long as the image itself is not blurry. We have Photoshop experts tasked to edit your background according to the license that you will be ordering. We have no specific requirements for your background. We can even accept Passport photos. You can read our “PHOTO GUIDELINE” to see if there are any additional requirements.