Mississippi Fake ID


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Scannable Mississippi identification manufactured using subtly merged inks forming several security patterns.

Range (pcs) Prices (each)
1 $80.00
2 - 4 $64.00
5 + $48.00
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This id comes with extensive range of covert and invisible features. We use specialty raw materials for replicating each part of your license, which are the key to making authentic counterparts of the Mississippi licenses.

How it works?

The premium theme of the id is designed using actual template as used by the DPS. Every order collects information required to make a complete (MS) id with bonded magnetic stripe and quick readable codes. Buying this id should open the gates of the best venues Mississippi fake id has to offer and let the good times flow.

Authentic Features:

IDBOSS.PH uses custom source for obtaining high-quality films, 3D printing products and color-coded bands to make specific parts of the (MS) ids. Our id making process involves optimally laminating the id with least shrinkage & excellent clarity. This makes it a real challenge for even the most experienced counterfeit experts to distinguish it from a legitimate Mississippi license.

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