Kentucky Fake ID


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Choose a personalized Scannable Kentucky identification card with a workable license number & information.

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5 + $48.00
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Kentucky Scannable IDs Card

Kentucky Fake ID Features:

  • Teslin – Card stock is the exact same material a real-issued driver’s license is printed on.
  • Optical Variable Ink – Moving the card left to right or front to back the ink changes color.
  • Microprint – Miniature text viewed best under magnification.
  • Ultra Violet Ink – Identical to the real issued UV design can be seen under the black light on the front of the card.
  • Scannable Magnetic Stripe & 2D Barcode – We encode correctly with your data, so your card will 100% scan on any capable license reader.

To fully experience Kentucky’s drinking scene, it may require the use of a fake ID, but caution must be exercised to navigate establishments with stricter carding polices.

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