Full Comprehensive Ordering Guide

Step 1: Please click the “ADD NEW” button to get start.

Step 2: Picking your state(s) & Fullfill your card details

Some Tips : Best States for fake ID

Real name for Fake ID?

Step 3: Click “Select Files” to Upload (portraits + signatures}

Tips: How to take photo

Step 4: Fullfill your shipping address & Submit your order

Step 5: How to pay

Payment Options: READ FIRST IF USING CRYPTO, otherwise read after step 3.

1. Western Union
2. Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Zcash, Peercoin, Namecoin
Note: Priority shipping option: cuts roughly 2-3 weeks off the total time to receive order – +20% to total order cost 3.Pay Using Google Play Gift Card and Gift Card 4. amazon gift card

Paying with Western Union

1. Use the Western Union locator.
2. Submit an order with us, at the end of the order, you will receive the person whom you’re suppose to pay.
3. Write down the person you’re suppose to pay exactly as we say. Go to the nearest location and pay in person with cash only!
4. Save your receipt. Keep it for at least 2 months, in case you have future problems with your ID! This way you can prove to us you paid us

Paying with Cryptocurrency

Note: Do NOT send G0d money from Coinbase or your coins could disappear. Instead, send the crypto from coinbase to your wallet. Then send the money from your wallet to G0d.

1. Download a cryptocurrency wallet (depending on the type of crypto you use, look online for trusted wallets)
2. Setup the wallet
3. Buy cryptocurrency online (Coinbase works best. Make an account -> click buy tab -> select form of crypto -> enter payment method). Buy using debit card or credit card. Debit card is instant. With credit card, you will have to wait a week before receiving your crypto. Keep in mind crypto values change daily. 
4. Buy the exact amount of crypto that you need to give G0d plus $5-10 extra converted to crypto (the extra money is for transaction fees you will get hit with later – THIS IS NECESSARY)
5. Open your wallet and click “Receive”. It will give you a code to send the coins from Coinbase to.
5a. If you are using zcash or any form of crypto not available on Coinbase, send crypto from coinbase to an exchange (wex.nz is good, NOT JAXX), and exchange your first crypto for your desired crypto on the exchange. Then send the desired crypto to your wallet. KEEP IN MIND SMALL FEES WILL APPLY FOR EXCHANGING AND SENDING/RECEIVING FROM EXCHANGE.
6. Open Coinbase and click “Send”. Put in your wallet’s code. 
7. Wait for confirmations on the blockchain (don’t worry about what this means). Once confirmed, you can use your crypto.

Tutorial on How to Pay Using Google Play Gift Card and Gift Card to Buy Fake Id

The payment method to buy a fake id should be very anonymous and that’s why we are here with this guide. This guide will walk you along several methods of payments that are not only safe but also are very convenient and can be easily done by you. Let us begin with some frequently asked questions first:

Can a credit card or PayPal be used for payment?

Yes, of course, it is but in a different way. These payment methods cannot be used directly to pay for the fake id but it is possible to use them in an indirect way. The way is more anonymous and more secure. The idea is to buy an online gift card of the same amount that you are willing to pay us. Then all you need to do is provide us the code for the gift card and you’re done.

Step by step process

Here are the necessary steps that you are required to follow for making a purchase with PayPal or credit card (Google play Method):

  1. First of all, you have to have a glance at the pricing table which is available on the website and then calculate the price of the fake ids that you are about to order. Make sure that the calculation is correct and is based on the table given on the website.
  2. The next step is to get a Google play gift card code by purchasing it using the money you have in PayPal. There are two choices for you in this:

Physical gift cards: These kinds of gift cards are readily available in any of the retail stores that trade in gift cards. Note that you can only acquire a maximum amount of 500 dollar worth gift card and not even a single dollar more than it. Therefore, if your purchase exceeds 500$’s you need to buy more of these.

Online Google play gift cards: these are available to purchase virtually. You can directly use PayPal to purchase it. And note that this allows you only to add a maximum of 100$’s so purchase the codes accordingly.

An example to let you understand the method of transaction better is that if your order total is 325 dollars then you are required to buy three cards of 100$ each and just a single card of the value 25$.

  • The third and the last step is that when you have successfully purchased the gift card of the appropriate value as that of your order you need to send them to us with the help of the form which is available on the website. If you wish to buy more than one id then fill the form each time for every purchase. Note that you are required to use the same email id for all the purchases so that we can know it is a multi-order.

How to buy the fake id with the help of amazon gift card?

The best thing about this method is that you are not required to provide your personal information. This method of purchasing an id is both anonymous and convenient at the same time. Moreover, this form of payment is a really easy one to get your fake id and even a kid can do it within a minute. This guide will walk through the various steps which are required to be followed to pay with the help of amazon gift card.

It doesn’t matter if you are purchasing it for a single person or for a group of people, we will provide you with the necessary steps for all such cases.

  1. Step one: once again the very first thing that you are required to do is check the table of pricing which is available on the website. Then you are required to calculate the total amount that you are incurring in the form of US currency.
  2. Step two: The next step is to get an amazon gift card. You may visit any retail store to get it or can purchase it directly from the website. Make sure that you purchase a gift card which has the same value as that of your order amount. You can use PayPal as well as credit card to purchase the amazon gift card and can also purchase it using cash.

Note that if you wish to purchase multiple counterfeit identities or if your order total exceeds an amount of 500$ then you need to purchase more than one amazon gift card. Note that in the case of amazon gift cards we only accept the physical ones and we don’t deal with codes or virtual cards.

One more thing which is noteworthy is that you can load just up to 500$ at max in your amazon gift card. Therefore, if your order is costing around $650 which is an average cost of around 10 ids then you are required to load up 500$ to one card and 150$ to the other one. Then you are required to place both these cards together and then scratch their code so that it becomes visible. Then you just need to click a photo of those two cards. Also, you need to click a picture of their order receipts as well. Then if you are purchasing around 10 cards then make ten order forms and upload the photo of the two cards in all those 10 mails. This process is the same for any number of purchases you make.

  • Step three: The last step is to submit the form of order. Once again if you wish to order multiple ids then you need to fill the form multiple times. Make sure that you are using the same email address in all the order forms so that we know it is a bulk order.

With these steps, the process of ordering is completed.


So that was a thorough guide about how you can purchase fake ids using Google play gift cards and Amazon gift cards. That’s all we have for today.

1. Enter all your information and click submit (from step 3: Submitting your order)
2. Wait for the payment screen to pop up. It will tell you the EXACT number of cryptocurrency coins to send to the address on the screen. The number is really EXACT. Submit .000000001 more or less and the order WILL NOT be fulfilled. Take a screenshot of this number for reference. 
3. Send from your wallet to g0d’s address on your order status page. 

6. After payment
1. You will receive email confirmation that “Payment confirmation has arrived”
2. Click the “Order status” link in that email, it will direct you to a page where you can see “Payment Status” (Awaiting confirmation or Downloaded), and “Tracking” (None or ShippedMonth/Day)
3. Wait patiently! Your order will come.