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Idboss ID have been making fake ID cards for the US, Ireland, Europe and worldwide for the last 11 years. Started in 1996, we are the fastest, most reliable provider of quality, effective fake ID on the web.

Why risk your money elsewhere? Idboss Fake ID have over a decade of trading history, and you are guaranteed to get what you order in the shortest possible time.

About our cards and our commitment to you:

Quality, realistic designs

Our years of experience tells us what works in a fake ID maker. You can be confident that your IdBoss ID will do the job you require of it.

A range of card features

Unlike other card makers, we offer a range of features such as barcodes, magnetic stripes, smart chips and holographic overlays. We also offer holographic overlaminates at extra cost, which lend added authenicity to the cards.

High Definition Printing

All our cards are produced on high definition printers, costing many thousands of pounds sterling each. HDP printers offer durability, exceptional print quality and an overall impression of quality and authenticity in our fake ID cards.

Excellent card production standards.

We know that good quality printing is not all it takes to produce a good quality fake ID. We take great care in the production process to photoshop your photo and signature for optimum results.

Same Day Card Shipping

All cards are shipped from our offices the same day the order is received. We are the only fake ID website in the UK to offer such a rapid turnaround on our cards.

Top-level customer service

We have a live order tracking service which allows you to see when your card order is received. We also automatically email you when your card is dispatched. All emails are answered within 24 hours.

An established, reliable website

Why risk sending money to a company with no trading history? We have been in business for ten years, and you are guaranteed to get a card if you order from us.

Legal Notice: All Fake ID cards are for novelty use only, and misuse may be illegal. See terms and conditions for more information.

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