How to take a good Fake ID photo

As I mentioned earlier, if you are ordering a fake ID online, then you have to share your picture & basic information required. Since you are spending a huge amount of money on a fake ID, it is important to share a good picture with high quality & no pixelations.

hot to take a good fake id photo
how to take a good fake id photo

If your picture is not properly taken, then your fake ID will get spoiled.

It is important to note that the picture being shared should not be a selfie or a side glamour capture. Also, you should make sure that you are looking at the camera when the picture is clicked.

When your ID is validated if the picture is a decent passport size photo with no blurriness, then the chances of your ID getting rejected reduce to 50%.

The photo of your fake ID should be similar to the one used in the real ID. Fake ID’s do not require full-length photographs so the picture should be mid-chest.

Using your phone camera to click the picture is also fine, You just have to make sure that there is enough lighting.

It is not mandatory that the photo has to be taken in front of a blue or white background. The photo can be taken in front of any background with good lighting. The background should not be full of wrinkles & textures. A good poster board background can also be created at home.

Your look for the photograph should be professional i.e. clean & neat. You should not apply heavy makeup as it may spoil the picture because of the flash.

It is better to wear lighter shades of clothes & you should avoid dazzling attire. Do not wear hats or eyeglasses or anything hiding your facial features.

Women should make sure that their hair is let down and not tightly pulled up in a pony or a bun. Your hair should not be coming out on your face & your forehead.

Smiling slightly for the photograph is fine but you should not laugh absurdly.

Once the photo is taken, it should be made sure that there are no shadows in the picture. A flash should be used right on the face to avoid shadows under the eyes & on the face.

It is important to follow all dos & don’ts for a fake ID as they will help in making the ID more realistic and believable. If the above-mentioned guidelines are followed properly then you will get a good photograph which in turn results in a good fake ID.