How to spot a Fake ID?

How to spot a Fake ID?

he use of ID cards has become very common these days for acquiring access into different places. You will be asked for an ID card for entering into the airports, or getting into the night clubs etc.Getting an ID card could be very tedious at times, because of the lengthy process of verifications and permanent address proofs. To get rid of all these hassles of an identity card, people are being more inclined towards the fake ID cards.

These fake ID cards look so perfect that one would not be able to make the difference between the original and the duplicate one. However, these duplicate IDs are creating more and more trouble these days because of their usage in the criminal activities.

In order to protect yourself from the unwanted troubles of duplicate IDs, you should be able to identify the fake ones from the real ones.

Following are the techniques to find the illegal ids:

  • Going by the popular saying, “The expression says it all”, you might want to closely observe the expression and body language of the person. The nervousness on the face usually indicates the person with fake ID card. You might want to keep that person under the close observation.
  • The hairstyle of a person might change, but the features of the person’s face never changes. You could compare the person with the picture on the ID card by looking at his eyes and nose.
  • You should be very careful when checking the expiration date of the identity card. Also verify if the ID card has been marked as duplicate or not. Duplicate IDs could also mean that the license holder has made a request for second license, so that two people could use the license with the same number.
  • It is better to have an access to the most recent report of driver’s license details along with the date of birth information. This will help you to check it against the report which you have and see if there are any discrepancies.
  • It is always beneficial to ask for more than one identity proofs from the person. Usually, one person will not have fake data in all the cards. The best idea will be to ask for his credit card.
  • If at all you have a doubt about the person’s identity, you might want to start asking random questions about his qualification, initial names, mother’s maiden name etc. If the person is showing fake card, he will hesitate to answer your questions.

Apart from all these, you could look for the imperfections in the ID card itself. This could probably be the most obvious way of spotting a fake identification. All the organization which provide the original identity cards, go through a specific process of verification. The handing over of cards from these organizations without meeting the standards is very rare.

The investigator should look for an off-center picture, or fuzziness in the print on the card. The original ID cards will never have a red eyed picture. This is a usual mistake which the amateur ID makers do while making the fake ID card. These are some of the simple techniques through which an investigator could identify the possible forgeries.