Why Fake IDs are in popular culture

As a common man we all have heard about producing fake Id but we never do it for ourselves. It is because we do not need one. To be true people do it for a purpose. The purpose can be good as well as bad. Earlier it was a troublesome activity to prepare a fake id. But in the current age of technology making fake Id is not uncommon. Even preparing a fake Id can be a cakewalk for many and has become faster. People prepare it either by themselves or through local agencies. What else you need? Now you have service providers who can take care of fake Id needs. So you need not indulge in this act unless you do not want to disclose it with anybody. 

The service providers who ensure the preparation of fake id are trustworthy and they do not betray you. With local agencies, it is like going to shopping. You just need to share information and spend money with them. Rest they will take care of all the troubles in making a fake Id. Earlier it was a tedious task of replicating barcodes and printing the hologram but now you have many fake Id vendors at your disposal. But now people prepare fake Ids even at their homes.

We in this article are going to elaborate on why people do it and how they do it with ease and which are the people who do it more often.

Reasons why people make fake Id

People use it official and coveted reasons

Officer’s who are a part of a coveted mission needs a fake Id many times during his career. Sometimes their superiors provide them with the luxury but many times they have to arrange it themselves. Suppose a situation wherein you are a part of a team that is investing a cross border criminal offense. Now it’s your job to gather information about enemies and you need to visit a place or to enter a building which requires and identity. But in such a situation you cannot reveal true identity. So what option you are left with other than creating a fake Id for you. This becomes important to keep the momentum of the mission. And if you are fighting against evil then it is not unethical.

Students use it for educational reasons

If you are a student then one thing you always want to avoid is police case against you. People would treat it as a black spot on your character. Irrespective of the severity of the charges against you, the chances of you gearing up for a promising career would face a severe dent. But if any such situation arises knowing or unknowingly then also people would register it in records. And once it happens it will create questions in your career for you as long as you live. Now, if you require an id proof for employment and you are not getting it because of an old police case then what you can do. You do not have any other option. You will ensure making a fake Id to process your application for employment. This you can do yourself or through a Fake Id vendor. It is illegal but to march forward in a career you have to do it.

Teenagers use it for entertainment

The growth of information technology has not only come up with positive results. On one side it has made youth particularly teenagers more knowledgeable, career-oriented and informative but on the other hand, it has a negative side as well. In an era of globalization, we often observe that teenagers start consuming alcohol fairly early nowadays. They like to party with their friends until late at night. They are also equally eager to visit night clubs and enjoy their time. For many, it has become a symbol of status and pleasure. In most of the places, it is unlawful to buy alcohol until you have become an adult as per law. At many places, bar owners or wine shop vendors check your identity before serving you with alcohol to make sure that they are selling alcohol to an adult. It is a fair practice on their part but you can’t control yourself. These teenagers indulge in making fake id for them. They make it for showing a higher age on their id card so that they become eligible to be a part of night clubs and enjoying alcoholic drinks.

It is affordable

Nowadays it is not difficult to fake an Id. What you need to do? Nothing special, just print it and cover it. It sounds very easy but it takes time and practice to prepare an ID that would deceive people. You can find many vendors who will charge a nominal fee and do the task for you on your behalf. This nominal fee you can easily afford. But this has made making fake Id for illegal purposes also simple and affordable.

The process has become easy

As a layman, you can easily apply for a fake Id. The process has become fairly simple. You just need to fill the details and apply. If you are not doing it online then take a hard copy of the form and apply it after filling it manually.

Utilize the power of technology

In the current internet age, you do not need a hard copy of a form that you need to courier to the office. Now no paperwork no real meeting, communication technology takes care of everything. With the advent of technology, you have a powerhouse of abilities in your pocket. Yes, you are right we are pointing towards your mobile phone. software that people use to scan or edit are in existence. You just need to choose and download. You need not be a computer wizard to perform such action. People use software to prepare fake IDs for both genuine and malicious purposes.

Easy to prepare

It is a matter of no time to prepare a fake id. If you have the necessary details of the person for who you are preparing the fake id then you can do it easily. If fake id requires a picture then click one with a white background and post it like real. There are minute details about an authorized identity card that you have to deal with. You can forge a different address, name or country as well but you need to be careful while using it.

It saves you precious time

Earlier it was a long process as we did not have such technological advanced equipment with us. Now we have those even at our homes. Nowadays to make a fake id does not consume a lot of your time. Sometimes it takes a few minutes or hours to make a fake Id that looks almost real.

It has become hassle-free

Gone are the days when you have to travel to very few places where you can get scanning and printing facilities. There also you would find many people in the queue as there were very few centers with such facilities. Many people wait to go to their offices to perform such activities. But now you have all the facilities and equipment at your home. So without any hassles, you can recreate a fake id.


Yes, it is certainly trustworthy. Technology is transparent. If you set out to make a fake id yourself then no one can breach your trust. Or if you want to do it with a fake Id vendor then also it is completely safe. It is because the vendor is also at the same quantum of risk with you. Making and using a fake id is never the right step to take but now it not uncommon. You always keep in mind whether it would work or not. Will there be any action against me if? So, the same is the case with the person who does it for you. He would also suffer similar fear and in such a situation why would he cheat?

So, in this article, we have dealt with the reasons why people want to make a fake id. Apart from that, we have also mentioned that which is the attributes associated with making a fake is that enhances its popularity. Making a fake id is yet not permissible as per law. It can attract severe consequences. Sometimes it is the need of the hour but not in every case. It becomes a responsibility of a fake Id vendor to classify what he should do and what he should deny? We would like to urge the fake id vendors not to pursue such work for criminals or who want to destroy peace.