The top 10 Best Fake Id website Reviews 2019 to get fake IDs

Getting a fake ID has become a rite of passage for us young people. It is the only way that we can actually get things done!

More often than not, our participation in social events is hindered due to our age, yet by the time adulthood rolls around, we are all looking for other adults to help us through this wild ride called life.

Making Sure you Don’t Get Scammed

Getting a good and reliable fake ID can be a hard task. There are many people out there that will try to scam you for your money, yet you receive nothing. However, in this age of technology, we have an advantage that other young adults didn’t have: the internet.

 It is an asset to us that we draw on the knowledge that other ID seekers passed up. Because ID scammers are most copycats that send the ID industry into a bad light, it is crucial that we work together to avoid this.

To do so, if you have any sincere and honest reviews or comments on any fake ID site, email us to let us know about it.

Signs to Avoid when Buying an Fake ID

There any many signs that can show you whether or not the ID site you are buying through is legitimate or not. Below are some of the biggest signs that you should be aware of:

  • Unrealistic Delivery Times: If the ID site you are purchasing through is offering an unrealistic delivery time such as ‘next day delivery’, they are probably scamming you.
  • Only Accepts Electronic Payment: If the site you are on only allows you to purchase through PayPal or other electronic payment systems, do not buy from them! Instead, find a company that has a mail-in address where you can send cash, check, or more. This will save you from them having your bank or credit card info.
  • UK Novelty Card Companies: Avoid UK novelty card companies at all costs. They don’t offer card designs and the care you do receive will be junk.

Which Fake Ids Site Should You Buy From?

With that being said, what site should you trust and buy from? After research and devotion to finding the best fake id website, we have determined that the following are the most reliable sites to get a fake ID:

best fake id websites

Be careful where you decide to buy your fake”novelty” ID. I have confirmed that the following companies sent a exceptionally authentic, current fake ID card design for every state, and are real companies which will deliver you their clarified product

What Are The Best Fake ID Website?

Everybody’s needs are different — Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

If you’ve done any fake id shopping, you’ve probably noticed inflated claims about being “America’s #1 provider of fake id” or about the superlatively pure satisfactory in their product. However how do you, the customer, recognize who virtually is supplying a high-quality product and who is…now not?

Quick Overview – Best Fake ID Website

These are the must-have features 

Best Overall: Idboss

Idboss is a big name in the business of fake id, because their id cards are packed full of high-quality full-fake id and never being suspected as not genuine.

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Best States Option: IDgod

IDGod then is a notable company which has been in business of fake id line for more than seven years. Actually, the expression “Counterfeit IDGod” is an extremely prevalent code-name for this supplier which is regularly utilized in School Campuses and Colleges.

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Top 10 Best Fake Id website – Reviewed

idboss review
Alexa Rank #(US: 101,597,653)
Price60USD Shipping Free
LocationIndia & China
Shipping OptionsRush (1-2 days) & Standard (7-9 days)
Years Active2
ProductsUS. Plans to launch UK licenses
Customer ServiceHas awesome client assistance. We had immediate quick response to all questions
idgod reviews
Idboss - Best Fake Id Website 60USD
  • QUALITY - 97%
  • VALUE - 97%


Earlier, the novelty IDs were good and satisfactory for the customers, therefore, this company gets into the business to deliver satisfactory results to the customers. The company has reached to top in just a few years from its services. Customers trust them more because of their transparency and perfection they achieve in their products. All the clear details are given on their websites. Moreover, a complete video of their services is uploaded on their site. They have shown a list of fake IDs they are selling to different customers.

The impressive thing about them is their uptime which is better than others. Go to their site and see all the guidelines related to the entire process. How the photograph of the user should be also listed in detailed guidelines on the site. You can check what kind of ids are in demand and sold to different customers by Idboss.


  • Solid customer service
  • Great quality
  • Several payment options


  • Newer company
Alexa Rank # (US: 479,747) (Overall: 1,310,180)
Shipping Options Unknown.
Years Active9
Customer ServicePoor client assistance.
Idgod Reviews 125USD
  • QUALITY - 72%
  • VALUE - 78%


Another popular website if Its simple design makes the navigation process easier. They offer legitimate ID cards that look real. Any citizen all across the US can place an order to them. It even serves some of the parts of Canada. It means you can use the IDs in most of the North American countries. The cards are made using UV protection technology and also it offers backlight protection. However, they serve only license cards for operators and driver license. But the price is affordable and it serves most of the states so they can be the right option for those looking for these cards.

Since they are very strict with their picture specifications so must check the detailed section on their website. Also, the same goes for the signatures so don’t forget to read the guidelines.


  • Long History Since 2010
  • Must States options


  • Poor customer service
  • Poor Quality

Evolvedids Reviews

Alexa Rank # (US: 4,842,799)


Location: Unknown.

Years Active: 3-6

Domain Changes: 2

Shipping Options: 3-4 days With Express & 8-10 for Standard.

Reviews Rating: 4.1 out of 5.

Pricing: Starts from 80 USD.

Products: UK, US, CA, AU.

A fascinating thing about them is that once their products were considered as a threat by the US authorities. It was because their products have all the real features like the original ones that authorities considered them as a threat. This lead to the shutdown of their services but they have started their business again recently. With their outdated looking interface they are selling fake ids but placing an order is always easy with ID Chief. Despite too much risk, they are known for the good reputation they have and thus we have mentioned them on our list.

Fakeyourid Reviews

Alexa Rank # (US: 287,711) (Overall: 1,519,134)


Location: China & US.

Years Active: 5

Shipping Options: Express (2-3 days) & Standard (7-10 days).

Reviews Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Pricing: Starts from 125 USD.

Products: Mainly US.

Tech-savvy services of this website make it popular among the youth. And thus teen believes and trust them. they use Teslin and PVC to design the cards which give it a real and authentic look. Also, the cards are durable that they don’t get a dent or break during any mess. They pass on all the security scans as they have features like high-quality holograms, 2D barcodes and information generators.

You can see the dummy samples they have on their websites. This shows how good they are in serving the fake IDs. So, no need to indulge in risk by using any other websites, they are too good in their work that you can use those cards without any stress.

OldironsidesFakes Reviews

Alexa Rank # (US: 76,590) (Overall: 414,802)


Location: Unknown.

Name & Domain Changes: 3

Years Active: 3

Shipping Options: Unknown.

Reviews Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Pricing: Starts from 80 USD.

Products: US, UK, AU, CA.

All over America, they offer their services. Also, the citizens of Western Australia and Canada can use their services. They deliver the cards within a week which is faster than other websites. So, if you want fake ID urgent then choose them because of their quick services. Moreover, you can pick from different price plans but discount offers are not available for those who need a single ID card. All the instructions related to photo and signature submission are given on the website.

Fakeyourdrank Reviews

Alexa Rank # (US: 50,771) (Overall: 233,534)


Location: China & US.

Years Active: 6

Shipping Options: 1-2 weeks.

Reviews Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pricing: 60 to 80 USD.

Products: US.

The first license sold by them was Oregon but now they are experts in making the exact replicas of Mexican and Washington licenses. Also, they allow customers to track their order number and also offer replacements in any misplacing of the card.

ID Viking Reviews

Alexa Rank # (US: 106,547) (Overall: 589,579)


Location: Unknown.

Years Active: 7

Shipping Options: 2-3 weeks.

Reviews Rating: 3 out of 5.

Pricing: Starts from 60 to 89 USD.

Products: US, UK, AU, CA & Student Cards.

This active site is working for years but it is still not known from where they have been operating. However, they serve the legitimate cards to the users. But there have been complaining regarding their services that are raising questions on their services. They need continuous improvements in their services to focus more on providing some serious stuff. Their prime focus is student IDs but improvement should be done on the state driving licenses that they offer.

Bogusbraxtor Reviews

Alexa Rank # (US: 337,162) (Overall: 2,753,298)


Location: China.

Years Active: 2

Domain Changes: 3

Shipping Options: 1-2 weeks.

Reviews Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Pricing: Starts from 75 USD.

Products: US, UK, CA, AU.

Earlier they were called blockbuster fakes. This site is exactly the same as The interface is also similar. California, Illinois, Colorado and other popular states are their serving areas where they offer the UK, AU licenses. In one single transaction, the user can buy multiple IDs using the live cart system that they offer. However, their services are not as good as the top ones but still, they are in the game of fake IDs. They serve credible services to the users. Their serving style and credibility have not changed for years.

Lost-identification Reviews

Alexa Rank # (US: 337,162) (Overall: 2,753,298)


Location: Unknown.

Years Active: 1

Shipping Options: 1-3 weeks.

Reviews Rating: 2.0 out of 5.

Pricing: Starts from 50 USD.

Products: US, UK, CA, AU.

LS or lost-identification are popular websites that are interconnected with other websites like, and You can see the fake ID videos and duplicates on their site.

Idtop Reviews

A popular website among the network of fake ID websites including ID book, ID chief and IDs buddy is ID top. They also serve fake id on tor as per the reports. However, they are verified as a legitimate provider but still, they are not considered as the best site. But customers can take advantage of their reseller programs. They will get rewards for bringing customers to them.

Recommended websites are IDBOSS.PH, and more but the choice is yours.

Fake Id prices and Fake Id cost comparison

Brand:Pricing:Shipping Options:Location:Rating:
Idboss60-80Rush (1-2 days) & Standard (7-9 days).US & China.4.6 out of 5
Fakeyourid125Express (2-3 days) & Standard (7-10 days).China & US.4.4 out of 5
Evolvedids803-4 days With Express & 8-10 for Standard.US4.1 out of 5
IDGOD1001-2 Weeks.US3 out of 5
Fakeyourdrank801-2 Weeks.China & US.4 out of 5
OldIronSidesFakes801-2 WeeksChina2.5 out of 5
IDVinking802-3 Weeks.CA3 out of 5
IDTOP802-3 WeeksKorea2.2 out of 5
BogusBraxtor751-2 Weeks.China2.5 out of 5


If card quality and security are of high concern to you when buying a fake ID, you can place your trust in They are by far one of the most technologically advances companies in this area.

If you want fast delivery and options with shipping and payment, we suggest It will become your best friend. However, their site is a little hard to navigate, especially if you are a first-time user.

If you cannot figure out the site above, we recommend Its website is easy to navigate, and you will find that it provides its services for a wide geographical region. However, you will have to of a lot of the work in designing your card.

Overall, the choice is yours. All of the sites mentioned are reliable, it just depends on what you want to do. Have fun and let us know what you experience is with any of the sites mentioned.